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Latvian Code: Talkers - different sounds of Latvian

The Latvian language has three dialects and around 500 subdialects. Hear how three Latvian ways of speech sound like in the movie Runātāji (Talkers), the third film to be featured in the English-subtitled series of documentary films entitled Latvian Code that were selected in an annual contest held by Latvian Public Television (LTV). 

Talkers. Documentary. Latvia, 2016. Director: Dainis Kļava

The three speakers represent two of the dialects, with the most common one - the middle dialect spoken in Rīga and central parts of Latvia - not featured in the film.

In intimate surroundings, a farmer, a schoolteacher, and a herder of ostriches talk about perceived differences between Latvian speakers, and about language policy and their lives.

"I am a Latgallian of the big Laizāns clan," says the proud schoolteacher.

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