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Online documentary: Deniss - the joke's on the teller

This is the latest installment of LSM's English-subtitled series of documentary films entitled Latvian Code and selected in a contest held by Latvian Public Television (LTV). This year’s second film to be featured is Armands Začs' Deniss that shows a moving story of a young stand up comedian making light of boredom and apathy through laughter.

Deniss. Documentary. Latvia, 2016.

Deniss is a Russian-speaking young man working at a fast food chain and spending his days in a small, gloomy apartment where all the things still remind him of his dead grandmother. 

Once a week he takes the stage, becoming a stand-up comedian. His jokes come from his life, which might be called dull as well as bleak, and, as he puts it, his 'uninteresting biography'. 

Director: Armands Začs

"I'm neither entirely Latvian, nor entirely Russian. So my grandfather had some Latvian blood... on his hands... Right. That's a good start."

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