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Online documentary: Grandfather's Father - in search of the past

In this film a young man and his curmudgeonly grandfather are going 1,800 km to northern Russia in an old Zhiguli car, hoping to find the grave of the director's great-grandfather, who was deported. The film is part of the annual Latvian Code contest and the last to be featured this year.

Grandfather's Father. Documentary, Latvia. 2016

Director: Kārlis Lesiņš

The grandfather Andris is skeptic over the lofty quest, initiated by his grandson, as it's not known what awaits them at their destination. Andris thinks they won't find anything and will come back to Latvia without ever learning what happened to his father. 

However ever-optimistic Kārlis wants to use the journey not only to find answers about things past but also become closer to his grandfather who raised him. They both lost their parents as children.

"We've finally reached Severodvinsk, a city in northern Russia. [..] My great grandfather disappeared here," says Kārlis.

Watch the film with English subtitles above by selecting 'English' in the the CC menu.

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