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How Latgale chose to join Latvia

May 9-10 marks the 100th anniversary of the First Latgale Congress. It was then, in 1917, that Latgalians chose to unite with the other Latvian regions. What follows is a Latvian Radio strand highlighting the differences between Latgalians and other Latvian speakers, as well as tracing their role in the formation of the Latvian state.

Trump praises Latvian-made golf glove

US President Donald Trump lavished praise April 1 on a Latvia-made golf glove, crediting the five-fingered leather accessory with improving his handicap.

Viewpoint: Genius wanted - apply here!

Are you a Latvian genius? Do you know a Latvian genius? Would you like to be a Latvian genius? If you can answer "Yes" to any of these questions, or ideally all of them, you are just the person we are looking for!

LIVEBLOG: Latvia at the London Book Fair

The Baltic states are joining forces at the London Book Fair being held March 14-16 to promote the region's writers and writing. LSM is along for the ride and will update you on all the latest literary happenings.

Viewpoint: Here is the #FAKENEWS!

I should warn you in advance that what you are about to read constitutes "fake news". Apologies: that should of course read "#FAKENEWS!"

AS IT HAPPENED: Supernova 2017 Final!

It's finally here. No use ignoring it. Face facts. It's the final of Supernova, Latvia's competition to decide who it is going to send to the Eurovision finals in Kyiv, Ukraine this May. Updates below.

LSM's internet audit: Rail Baltica

Rail Baltica is one of the most important and expensive projects ever undertaken by the Baltic states. It has been talked about for more than a decade and will take the best part of another decade to build.

Liveblog: TechChill 2017

TechChill is Latvia's premier startup and entrepreneurship festival and this year's event is taking place February 9 and 10 in Riga. LSM is staking it out on your behalf.

The official TechChill website is HERE.

You can also follow the #TechChill hashtag on Twitter HERE.

LSM's English language audit

There is a good deal of discussion in Latvia at the moment about the English language and its correct use... or should that be usage?

On one hand there is an effort to promote use of English in a quasi-official capacity to attract overseas investment. On the other hand there is a row about whether heads of academic institutions need to be able to speak good Latvian.

What is beyond doubt is that Latvia needs to communicate effectively with the outside world. And for a large part of that world English is either a first or second language.

«What's the latest BUZZREP out of Vilnius?»

Prepare to be stunned, shocked and concerned; not by the prospect of a depleted NATO fighting a desperate war in the Baltic states, but by possibly the worst prose style you will ever encounter.