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Composition of NATO battlegroup in Latvia laid out

The total number and composition of the NATO battalion under Canadian command that will be on duty in Latvia from June has been specified by Latvia's National Armed Forces information portal

NATO troops sent to Latvia will live in tents for months

Part of the Canada-led multinational NATO battalion arriving to bolster Latvia's defense will have to live in tents until the fall, as reconstruction of barracks at the Adazi military base will not be completed for several months, the LETA newswire reported May 17.

Latvia and US sign military procurement agreement

One day after Latvia's Defense Minister Raimonds Bergmanis met United States Defense Secretary James Mattis in Vilnius, Latvia's Defense Ministry said a military procurement agreement between the two countries had been signed.

Baltic defense ministers meet Mattis

The defense ministers of the three Baltic states meet with US Decretary of State for Defense General James Mattis is Vilnius, Lithuania May 10.

Canadian hardware arrives in Latvia

Military equipment from NATO ally Canada was unloaded in Riga May 6 in advance of the full deployment of a multinational NATO battalion to reinforce the region.

Watch info war live!

NATO's Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence (STRATCOMCOE) is hosting a seminar about Russian info war and hybrid war on April 27. You can watch it livestreamed below.

Fake news abounds

Latvia's Defense Ministry on April 25 warned about a variety of 'fake news' stories circulating in Russian-language media concerning the 'Summer Shield' military exercises currently drawing towards a close in Latvia.

Border Watch: Russian subs in the area

Latvia's National Armed Forces (NBS) April 17 continued their updates on the Russian military presence near national borders with information about submarine activity.

€8.9m needed for Canada-led NATO reinforcement

Latvia's Ministry of Defense (MoD) is to request an additional €8.9 million from the state budget in order to provide suitable facilities for the Canadian-led NATO International Battalion arriving to bolster the country's security, the LETA newswire reported April 16.

1,200 troops to form «Summer Shield»

Over 1,200 troops are expected to take part in the Summer Shield XVI multinational military training exercise, which from April 17 to 30 will be held in Adazi Training Area and adjacent territories, the Latvian Defense Ministry said April 13.

Can you hack a STRATCOM hackathon?

The NATO Strategic Communications Center of Excellence in Riga (STRATCOMCOE) is inviting white-hat hackers to participate in a 'hackathon' aimed at weeding out fake news stories.

Watch: Tanks train for TV at Ādaži

The United States Army put its recently-arrived equipment and personnel on show March 19 for the benefit of TV cameras at the Ādaži military range near Riga.